Tuesday, September 11, 2012

S'lichot blessings

On Saturday evening, about 50 congregants from Temple Sinai gathered for a S’lichot learning.  We discussed the history of S’lichot prayers, what we do for today’s rituals, and we wrote some of our own S’lichot prayers.  In no particular order, here is a sampling of some of the S’lichot that our partners handed to me at the end of the session.  All punctuation and grammar are unchanged from the handwritten notes to this document.
May these S’lichot blessings from our own hearts bring you to a higher level of forgiveness this High Holy Day season.
Temple Sinai S’lichot 5772:
Forgive me God for taking so long
Forgive me God for not taking the time
Forgive me God for not giving you my love.
Why did it take me so long?
Forgive me God
Did not help my brother when he asked for it.
He was sick and struggled.
Keep me from acting on my bad thoughts
even if I cannot avoid
the thoughts themselves.
I am asking for forgiveness for the way I have argued with my mom recently.
I am also asking for forgiveness for not putting my priorities in order for myself.
I am sorry for not taking care of my pets as much as I could be.
God of Heaven and Earth, the One and Only
who protects the weak and strong, the young and ole,
the well ones and those who are ill.
May you hear my supplication through bowed head and humble spirit to grant forgiveness to me, my family, and the children of Israel and to open the book of life to all who will walk towards it in tshuvah and peace.
So many prayers for forgiveness
Like leaves on a tree in autumn
I watch the colors, textures, and fragrances change
Close to my heart, I hold my emotions
How to deal with hurts of the past, present, and future
Out of the depths, I am lifted
To a greater place and time-“Turning”
God, forgive us for being intolerant of others,
-      For failing to listen to other views
-      For failing to acknowledge complexity,
dividing into camps of one or the other.
Forgive us for judging others, and for judging other Jews who might not be just like us.
Forgive us for failing to have compassion.
Forgive us for not speaking out.

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